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Sky Lanterns

Light up the sky.

Lanterns are small hot air balloon made of rice paper.
The lanterns float through the sky and can be seen for several miles.

Sky lanterns have been used widely to celebrate memories ranging from festive occasions to intimate get together's.

Packages or Custom Order

shutterstock_1196587855 Packages or Custom Order

Sky Lanterns have been used for decades for special events, occasions or just for fun.

Their name is a translation of the Chinese name, but also known as "Sky Candles" or "Fire Balloons".

Find the best package for your needs and occasions as weddings, birthdays, gatherings or just casual fun among friends.

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Sky Lantern 12

This package provides (12) White Sky Lanterns

All orders ship from the US.

Sky Lanterns 12


Sky Lantern 36

This package provides (36) White Sky Lanterns

All orders ship from the US.

Sky Lanterns 36


Sky Lantern 180

This package provides (180) White Sky Lanterns

All orders ship from the US.

Sky Lanterns 180


Sky Lanterns 360

This package provides (360) White Sky Lanterns

All orders ship from the US.

Sky Lanterns 360


Sky Lantern 750

This package provides (750) White Sky Lanterns

All orders ship from the US.

Sky Lanterns 750


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Generic options are often very flimsy, poorly constructed, easily torn & non bio-degradable.
Don't chance your special event to just any lantern, choose the best.

Lantern Details & FAQ's

shutterstock_207222325 (1) Lantern Details & FAQ's

These lanterns are made with quality materials allowing for high and stable flight.

All lanterns are made with 100% biodegradable fire retardant paper.

To achieve the best visual and video effects, it is recommended to release a minimum of 10-20 sky lanterns together.

These large style lanterns measure at 15 inches diameter at the bottom, 22 inches diameter at the top, and 40 inches tall to provide a beautiful experience.

Important Notes:

The Sky lantern and fuel cell may in no way be modified or altered from its original state.

Sky Lanterns are made from biodegradable materials; Rice or Mulberry paper, on a Bamboo frame, which means they decompose in the shortest of times. Please adhere to the safety guidelines and instructions on lanterns.

Children must not be left unattended with the lanterns. Ensure the wind is not greater than 5 Mph. Ensure trees are not in the light path. Must be released more than 5 miles away from any airport. Do not use around dry crops, buildings and any other residential areas.

Suggested areas for launch include: Beach, Lake, Park, Riverside, Playground and Suburbs without trees.

^Sky Lanterns are operated with open fire. The user should be responsible if any possible accident occurs due to the incorrect operation. Manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer and shipper are unaccountable. Users are said to be fully understanding nd accepting the declaration by using the lantern.

FAQ's & More

Q. What is the most appropriate launch site for the Sky Lanterns?

A. We recommend using Sky Lanterns in a clear open space free from obstructions, i.e. power cables, trees or buildings.
For maximum visibility, a clear sky is preferable. Keep away from sites with flammable gases and liquids.

Q. What happens once the fuel source has been exhausted?

A. Once the Fuel Cell has expired, there is no flame or fuel material left, so the lanterns float gently back to the Earth.
Falling Lanterns with extinguished fuel cell pose no fire risk.

Q. What are the suitable weather conditions for launching Sky Lanterns?

A. Best Conditions, for launching: Still weather conditions with little wind. A maximum wind force of (4 - 7 miles per hour) must not be exceeded at the time of launching your sky lanterns, due to the risk of flying off course.

We do not recommend using Sky Lanterns when it is raining. Light drizzling may still allow them to fly, but we strongly discourage using them in heavy downpours.

shutterstock_325426214 (1)

Q. How high do the Sky Lanterns fly, and for how long?

A. One Sky Lantern burns and flies for approximately 5 - 10 minutes, in optimal weather conditions, the Sky Lanterns can reach heights between 200m and 500m.
Factors affecting Sky Lanterns flight include: Lantern Size, Heat Source (fuel cell), Ambient temperature at launch site and various heights above launch site (Air Temperature). Location of Launch site, Wind Speed direction at launch site and above in the air.

Q. What can be used to write on the Sky Lanterns?

A. For best results, we recommend using a large felt-tip pen on a flat, even surface, free from dirt and moisture to write on your Sky lantern.
This is to ensure that the paper does not tear when written upon. To ensure best results minimal pressure should be applied to the lantern.

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