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Colorado Blue Spruce

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Growth & Zone

Colorado blue spruce trees can be grown in approx. 95% of the United States.
Annual growth can be as much as 6" to 18" in ideal conditions. They lifetime growth can reach 30 to 60 feet high and 15 to 20 feet wide.

USDA Hardiness zones 3 to 7 (see map)


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Colorado Blue Spruce, with the Latin name Picea pungens, is a species native to North America, and is found in growing zones 1 through 7.

Its natural range extends from northern New Mexico through Colorado and Utah to Wyoming and into Alberta and British Columbia, but it has been widely introduced elsewhere and is used as an ornamental tree in many places far beyond its native range.

The blue spruce has blue-green coloured needles and is a coniferous tree and has silvery-blue needles are prickly to the touch and have a strong, fresh, piney smell. Its pyramidal shape, foliage color, and wonderful smell make this plant a classic choice for a Christmas tree.

These plants can be planted in rows to form windbreaks or "living-wall" privacy screens. But they are equally effective when simply used ornamentally, as specimen trees.

Caring for your tree.

These trees do not need frequent fertilization. You can fertilize them in the spring, before the growing season. This will give the tree an added nutrition boost. It will likely increase the length of the needs and improve the needle color.

Colorado blue spruce trees do not need to be pruned, but they can be pruned if you wish to promote denser foliage.


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