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Rachel Domozych


Lauren and Rachel at LFG Football Camp PA.

Lauren’s Circle of Strength, the network of family, friends and strangers that has banned together to support the mission of the Foundation, has grown tremendously over the last ten years. Like the ripples on a pond caused by a stone dropped in the center, the Circle of Strength is always growing and expanding. Among the many members of the Circle of Strength who have loyally served LFG, is an exceptional young woman named Rachel Domozych, from Great River, New York.

Rachel began service at LFG PA Football camp in 2004 at age 11, assisting at what was to become the annual Kids Family and Friends Fun Tent. A natural with children and still a child herself, Rachel helped plan games, face painted, crafted and entertained the guests with the skill and grace of a professional. If it needed to be fun, one knew it could be left to Rachel to be made delightful.

With such success, Rachel was given charge of the Kids, Family and Friends Fun Tent each year at the PA Football Camp, organizing the set up and break down of tables, crafts, activities, food, snacks, drinks, and volunteers. Rachel has served as master face-painter, hand holder, and hostess for 10 years.

As a member of East Islip High School’s National Honor Society, Rachel organized a Rock and Bowl event in 2012 that raised $500 for LFG. A high school gymnast and track and field athlete, Rachel was committed to meets each spring, but always found a way to Easton on the first weekend in June to be at the football camp. Recognizing the need to reach young people on social media, Rachel manages Instagram for LFG.

Rachel currently attends Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut. She was accepted into the University’s School of Nursing with an academic scholarship and is pursuing a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree. She is honored on the QU Dean’s List for outstanding work ethic and GPA.

Rachel felt her career path was set six years ago, inspired by Lauren. “I always knew that I wanted to work in the field of pediatric oncology,” she said, “but I never knew exactly what I wanted to do. Now, I hope to become a nurse practitioner.”