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Lynette Knoble and Tonette Placotaris

tonette Lynette Knoble and Tonette Placotaris

Beginning at 7:30 am on PA camp day, nearly 2,000 student athletes, flood the fields at the Metzgar Athletic Complex of Lafayette College to check in and begin their day at LFG football camp. A dedicated core of volunteers works diligently to welcome and di-rect these athletes as they arrive. A team of Group/Team specialists works to manage the check in of teams who arrive together in buses with their high school coaches. This fantastic team is headed by two extraordinary women who have volunteered to assume this enormous task and are the focus of this years COS profile.

Tonette Placotaris and Lynette Knoble have partnered to manage all aspects of team registration for the camp. In the months leading up to camp, Tonette arranges for group/team registration and contacts coaches personally to be sure any team needs are addressed and handled with care. She and Lynette organize all aspects of team registration, coordinating necessary information electronically and into binders and folders, as well as arrange all needed supplies for registration. After the check in rush, both women head to the fondly dubbed “war room” to assist in the management of camp day information and inputting.

Tonette and Lynette arrive, often times days ahead of camp, and help with any additional needs that Pam Troxell, director of camp registration, requires. Pam says, “It’s amazing to be able to give them anything and see the amazing job they do with it. We are so lucky to have them.”

Tonette is a resident of Forks Township, PA and works as a senior paralegal at Honeywell International Incorporated handling all aspects of worldwide patents and the areas of law that surround filing, granting and protecting inventions world-wide. She lives with her husband Steve and children Luke, 10 and Evan, 9. She began her support of LFG in 2005. She volunteers and continues to volunteer because “she loves it.”

Lynette resides in Alpha, NJ with her husband of 32 years, Jim Knoble. The couple has three sons; James 31, Joshua 28, and Jacob 21. She is the Executive Vice-President of Customer Relations and the NJ Branch Manager at Ahart, Frinzi & Smith, an Insurance Agency in Phillipsburg, NJ. Lynette, who has worked at the agency for over 35 years, also sell all kinds of insurance. More than 8 year ago, Lynette’s son Joshua filmed the PA camp and created a video documentary of the event. This motivated Lynette to become involved with LFG. “I started to volunteer because I believed it was a good cause and because I had a son the same age as Lauren and could only imagine what this family was going through. I continue to volunteer not only because cancer still exists and our work is not done until it doesn’t exist, but because the strength and love of this amazing family and awesome ‘community’ of volunteers continue to inspire me to be better every day.”